Top 5 Tips for Picking the Right Stone

countertop logosThere have been lots of new items in the stone industry between new colors for Cambria to completely new technology in Dekton to changes in your favorite stones like Carrera Marble and of course the endless colors of granite.  Navigating the countertop industry can be a tough task.  Here are some tips to help you decide on the right stone countertop for you!

1 – Bring anything that might help with you.  If you’ve picked out cabinetry, tile, flooring or paint colors bring them with you if possible!  This will allow you determine if the color is right and will help with less aggravation when you finally do see the colors together.

2 – Go in with an idea but an open mindset.  It’s great to have an idea of what you want, but be open to other possibilities if the color isn’t right or if it’s out of your price range.  This will help you not feel defeated if what you really wanted isn’t what you want anymore.

3 – Listen to the consultants opinions.  They’ve been doing this for a long time and know what works and what doesn’t.  They also know details about the stone like its strengths and weaknesses, good applications and bad.  Their opinions are there to help you understand why you would want to pick a particular stone over another and why it may or may not work in your situation.

4 – Stand your ground if necessary.  All those opinions can be good, but too many of them take over the conversation.  If you end up with too many opinions what you really want can be washed out.  For example, if you know the pitfalls to marble and have your heart set on it after viewing the stone don’t let someone talk you out of it because of its wear and softness.  As long as you’re aware, you can make the conscious decision, don’t let someone pressure you out of that decision.

5 – Finally, Have fun!  Picking out a countertop can be daunting, there are so many choices of stone to pick from and it’s not an inexpensive undertaking.  The stress can take away from the enjoyment of the project especially if it is at the tail end of everything.  Remember that renovating or building is an exhausting but exhilarating experience and try your best to have some fun looking through all of the choices to pick out your dream space!


Lauren Renee Angers: One of our Design Assistants here at The Atlantic Design Center and an avid blogger, YouTuber, and social media fanatic. Lauren has a personal blog where she offers beauty, food, life and DIY tips and tricks.
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