Oh No! My Hinge Broke!


Looking at your cabinet door something just doesn’t look right, it’s slightly tilted or worse, hanging by a thread!  Looks like you’re going to have to replace at least one, maybe both hinges!  Cabinet hinges can be a difficult replacement to muddle through.  There are so many different companies that carry hinges and so many different varieties and styles, I thought I would go through some of the things you might need to know when replacing or purchasing new hinges.


  1. Every single company makes their hinges a little differently.  Although you might have a similar one, the holes may be off the slightest and the length might be different.  If you can replacing your hinges by the same company is often the best option, however it’s not always possible.
  2. If you need to replace one because it’s broken check the warranty first!  Blum, Grass, and others carry a lifetime warranty on their hinges.  If you fill out a replacement form and send it in along with the damaged hinge, they will send you a new one!  (see their respective websites for details)
  3. The hinge type will depend on the overlay of your door.  (see this post to help determine that)  Knowing the overlay before looking for the replacement will save time and help to assure we send you home with the correct item
  4. A picture may be worth a thousand words but in the world of hinges having the hinge in person is almost always the best way to replace it.  If we can’t find a replacement or it’s an unmarked hinge we can often send a picture to someone who may be able to determine what it is.  This is often the hardest part and does take some time
  5. If you know where your cabinets are from or at least the cabinet manufacturer use that to your advantage.  Contact the companies to see how they handle replacements, sometimes they have spare hinges in stock or at the very least they can point you in the right direction!

Although replacing hinges can be a pain, if you come in armed with as much info as possible we can try to minimize the stress and aggravation that broken hinges can create.



Lauren Renee Angers: One of our Design Assistants here at The Atlantic Design Center and an avid blogger, YouTuber, and social media fanatic. Lauren has a personal blog LaurenRenee.com where she offers beauty, food, life and DIY tips and tricks.
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