Navigating the World of Cabinetry | Part 1

FramelessWhen you start looking into cabinetry it can’t help but seem overwhelming.  There are so many different styles and looks, so many different routes to go and so many differing opinion on which way is the best option.  Today I wanted to go over the difference between framed and frameless cabinets, its one of the largest factors in pricing and one of the biggest changes in how the cabinets will look overall.


Also known as Euro Style is exactly as it says, without a frame.  The hinges are attached directly to the side of the cabinet, and the door covers the entire edge of the cabinet.  These can be a little more tricky to install, so make sure the installer you go with is comfortable with this.  Going frameless gives you full range of the interior.


There are 3 different styles of framed cabinets, inset, partial overlay and full overlay.  In each, you have a frame around the front of the cabinet where the hinge will attach to.  These tend to be a little easier to install, but because there is a frame, you will lose some width in the drawers.

Inset is where the door is set inside the cabinet frame, usually creating a flush look.  These cabinets tend to be a little Partial Overlaydeeper (usually ½”-1”) to account for the loss of space from the door.  There is usually but not always a premium charge for inset cabinetry.

Partial overlay is where the door is sitting on top of the cabinet frame but doesn’t cover the entire front of the cabinet.  Usually the door covers about ½” more than the opening of the cabinet.  This is usually the least expensive of the framed options.

Full overlay looks an awful lot like frameless at first glance, until you open Full Overlaythe door.  The door covers the entire face of the frame, but unlike frameless there is a frame that the hinge is attached to.  This is one of the most popular options.

With this information in hand you can start to determine how to achieve the overall feel of your cabinetry.  Stay tuned for more in the Navigating the World of Cabinetry series!







Lauren Renee Angers: One of our Design Assistants here at The Atlantic Design Center and an avid blogger, YouTuber, and social media fanatic. Lauren has a personal blog where she offers beauty, food, life and DIY tips and tricks.
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